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PL #004: How to 10X cold email conversion rates (minimum) copywriting Sep 07, 2023

I get thousands of cold sales emails, but I’ve only replied to a handful.

Extremely few do them right.

Today, you’ll learn step-by-step how to write sales emails that convert.

And it...

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PL #002: How to write clearly (everywhere) copywriting Jul 19, 2023

Ohoy. Today you will learn three techniques for writing clearly everywhere.

Great writers are incredibly rare. Your ability to clearly express ideas in writing can open...

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PL #001: How to fix 3 common B2B homepage conversion killers copywriting Jul 13, 2023

Your website is your brand on constant display. You want the next logical step for a solution-hungry visitor to buy or try your solution.

Unfortunately, some mistakes are easy to make.


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