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PL #003: How to boost conversions (in 3 simple steps)

strategy Jul 27, 2023
How to boost website conversions in three simple steps

Wanna improve your website?

Your website is your most important marketing asset. Unlike channels like LinkedIn or Facebook, you have ultimate control and ownership.

That’s why you want your website to convert to its maximum potential.

More quality conversions = more revenue. 

Many marketers can improve their company websites. But with hundreds of potential issues, knowing where to start can be overwhelming and difficult.

Increasing conversions can be simple

This three-step audit may be your key to unlocking growth. Because despite the many things you can do, the reality of conversion optimization is straightforward:

Simplify your website experience.

No fancy tactics, complex frameworks, or secret psychology tricks. A website with high conversion rates starts with auditing your pages with simplicity in mind.

Here's how to audit your positioning and messaging, step by step:

  1. Validate your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)
  2. Validate your positioning
  3. Validate your messaging

How you position your solution and communicate the benefits is the foundation of higher conversions.

If your strategy doesn’t match your buyers' wants, they won’t fill in your forms.

Step #1: Validate your ICP

Start by clarifying your goals. 

Do you want to boost revenue, increase customer retention, upsell, or something else? Analyze the common traits of your best customers that align with your goals.

If your main goal is to increase revenue, list your top revenue-generating customers and their characteristics (for example, industry, size, location, and pain points.)

Validate your findings and compare them against your current strategy. Are you targeting the right companies and people?

Step #2: Validate your positioning

Refresh your insights on the problems your ICP face. The best way is by listening to demo recordings and talking directly to customers that fit your ICP.

Get answers to these questions:

  • What are the greatest benefits your solution has given them?
  • What challenges made them look for a solution?
  • How do they describe your solution? 
  • Why did they choose your solution?
  • How are they using your solution?

You can also get great insights by calling lost deals. What obstacles did they face, and what made them choose another solution?

Use these insights to validate your positioning strategy. You’ll quickly see if your current positioning strategy aligns with your new insights. If they don’t, they must change.

Step #3: Validate your messaging

Your messaging strategy is how you communicate the unique qualities found in your positioning exercise.

If you find your positioning needs updating, you must update your messaging too.

Here’s a simple way to create your messaging strategy:

Explain how you help your ICP in the clearest, simplest, most relevant possible way — and clarify why they should choose you over current or competing solutions.

Create unique messaging for the different roles in your ICP.

Let’s take Loom as an example.

Main message: “One video is worth a thousand words. Loom video messaging cuts out distractions to help teams work smarter.”

For marketers: “Communicate with clarity. Use video messaging to deepen connections with customers and drive team collaboration.”

For sales: “Grow the business with video. Move fast and stand out with a personalized sales experience powered by async video.”

For design: “Design together with video. From the first presentation to the final pixel, design teams move faster and more efficiently with async video messaging.”

Here’s how I would improve Loom’s messaging:

  • Specify: Explain the possible use cases in greater detail. 
  • Clarify: Remove “async” because it’s confusing. 
  • Connect: Use recognizable use cases.
  • Drive: Get to the benefits faster. 
  • Win: Explain why I should choose Loom, not other solutions.

I mostly use software like Loom when showing is easier than telling.

The alternative is hosting a meeting (which I try to minimize) or writing an email with screenshots, instructions, or explanations.

It’s time-consuming and important nuances can be lost in the email.

Let’s quickly rewrite the copy for marketers:

“Communicate clearly faster. Deepen connections and simplify collaboration by replacing email threads with video messages for anything from campaign strategy to website updates.”

More clear and specific.

Here’s an alternative:

“Communicate with clarity. Replace long email threads with lively videos to deepen customer connections and simplify team collaboration for all your marketing projects.

In the world of conversion copywriting, clarity and specificity always win.

Validate your messaging with tools like Wynter, or better yet, ask customers and prospects directly if your messaging is clear, relevant, and motivating. 

TL;DR: Your action plan

1. Validate your ICP

2. Validate your positioning

3. Validate your messaging

Remember: Simplify your website experience.

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