Story of a B2B SaaS copywriter

Great copywriting can transform your SaaS marketing results — but there's a story behind crafting copy that delights and converts.


Yup, that's me.

My humble beginnings started at Sweden's largest telecommunications company. Many fun years later, I hopped on a flight to Thailand. From Bangkok, I rode an overnight bus to a desolate tropical paradise island. I surfed for hours every day, tended a bar, and taught people how to surf.

Pelle Sundin surfing
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After missing the rugged cold of Sweden, I traveled back and ended up with the same telecommunications company. Many projects and a grande CRM migration later, I had a eureka moment: I want to write about this stuff. I want to become the best B2B SaaS copywriter in the world. 

#3: NOW

Making SaaS gold.

The years of hardcore learning weren't pretty. If you saw me, you'd judge me as downright obsessive. But it paid off ⁠— now, I work with leading B2B SaaS agencies and brands around the world — helping them secure more demo requests, sign-ups, and revenue daily.


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